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July 15 2013

0794 bf4e
animal, kitten, blue eyes

Image size: 500x338
0671 c3ef
animal, kitten, blue eyes

Image size: 500x338
7885 64b6
lonely, people, text

Image size: 469x475
7887 9f3a
black and white, fat, qoutes

Image size: 400x398
7888 252f
black and white, no, skinny

Image size: 500x333
7889 90e4
black and white, hapiness, people

Image size: 595x718
7890 e7fa
black and white, pray, quotes

Image size: 500x500
7892 824c
black and white, quotes, destroy

Image size: 500x387
5601 2016
love, music, punk

Image size: 500x310
1352 8eec
glee, gleeks, gleek

Image size: 500x335
1689 5702
diy, fabric, heart

Image size: 604x5182
8109 b985
goodbye, love quote, love

Image size: 383x750
8111 2b3a
do it, love, make

Image size: 558x430
8112 ff07
alone, anorexia, feelings

Image size: 1024x683
8113 5744
girl, quote, text

Image size: 500x333

July 14 2013

8114 f15b
faith, love, happy

Image size: 361x333
1588 8500
song lyrics, torn, black and white

Image size: 500x377
1590 b4ce
afraid, bulletproof, heartbreak

Image size: 500x373
1591 48fc
depression, happy, me

Image size: 500x341
1592 7e07
broken, quotes, song lyrics

Image size: 500x700
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